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The Xander King Series Book 3

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Some ransoms are paid in blood.

They kidnapped his woman. They killed his champion racehorse. But they should have killed him.

Xander King, an ex-Spec Ops legend, is on the hunt for revenge in Paris after being targeted by a ruthless terrorist. It's a race against the clock to save Natalie, and the ransom is Xander's life for hers. A price he's willing to pay. But when his team learns of a far more sinister plan to strike a blow against America, the cost might be more than any of them can afford.

One highly skilled team. Two insidious acts to stop. And thousands of lives at stake. The hunt is on.

*Readers are calling Xander King the "hero with swagger". With over 700 five-star reviews, this hot new action series has been called, "refreshing", "shocking", and "heart-pounding fun...absolute brain candy".

The Xander King Series Order:
Whiskey & Roses
King's Ransom

Bradley Wright

Book three of the Xander King Series

308 pages

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