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Hello,  I am Bradley, and I write.  I am a small town guy with a few big city tastes.  Though I look really serious in the above photo...  I rarely am.  What I do take seriously, however, is doing my best to entertain you.  Send me an email and say hello anytime!  


My entire life I have had voices in my head and I have finally found a way to quiet them by telling their stories to you.  Some of these voices are funny, some are scary, some of them are a lot like me and some couldn't be more opposite.  The one thing they all have in common is that they love to let me know they want their own spotlight.  So, I'm working on it.


I am fortunate enough to split time in two of the most beautiful states in the Union...


... And California...

I realize how fortunate I am and I relish every moment spent with loved ones in both spectacular places.  I was born and raised in Kentucky where I spent thirty-some-odd solid years trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  The sense of community and family there is unmatched by any place I have ever spent time in, in my life.  I now also have a place in San Diego and love it for so many different reasons.  Fortunately, it is so different from Kentucky in some ways, which gives me amazing variety, but they are similar in ways that still makes SoCal feel like home when I am there.  And, duh, the weather is an obvious bonus.  

Brief History of Me:  

I was born and raised in Kentucky.  Unlike the stereotype, I do enjoy wearing shoes, but not surprisingly the rest is a cliché.  I LOVE Bourbon, race horses and gorgeous rolling hills of bluegrass (especially in the fall).  I spent my childhood playing sports (like most KY boys) and writing songs, poems and stories (unlike most KY boys).  My imagination was always appreciated by my wonderful friends and family, especially when I started to hone my skills of doing impressions.  There wasn't a Jim Carrey movie or an Eddie Murphy character that I didn't spend hours perfecting the character's voices.  

In high school I found I was pretty damn good at hitting home-runs so I went on to play for Marshall University.  Good thing I got a baseball scholarship too, because I was so bad at math my Dad was afraid no college would have me.  I was all right until they started adding letters to the math equations.  After that... I. Was. Out.

After college I got into the restaurant business and that worked out well enough to pay my bills now as I chase my real dreams––playing make-believe.

Favorite book?

The NICEVILLE trilogy by Carsten Stroud..  He is an amazing storyteller and the trilogy is so different from anything I've ever read.  A real genre bender, a crime story wrapped in mystic southern noir.  Also, anything by Stephen King gets honorable mention.  He is the man.

Favorite Movie?

WEDDING CRASHERS.  Hands down the funniest movie ever made.  My friends and I STILL quote that movie... far too often if you ask anyone that hangs around us, ever.

Favorite Spirit?

Bourbon.  Buffalo Trace to be more specific.  It's made not far down the road from me, and I love everything about it.  I am from Kentucky though, so it's kind of a prerec.

Favorite Sport?

Tie between the UFC and NBA basketball.  Although, I'll gladly watch almost anything if you order a pizza and pour me a few fingers of bourbon.  

Favorite Cigar?

Davidoff Nicaragua Toro.  Smooth and sweet right down to the nub.

Favorite Musician?

Ray LaMontagne.  On repeat.

Favorite Quote?

I don't eat food, I eat fat.  -Me

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