WHISKEY & ROSES (signed copy)

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WHISKEY & ROSES (signed copy)

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WHISKEY & ROSES is the first thriller in the bestselling Xander King series. For a limited time, you can get your copy personalized and signed by Bradley Wright.

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He's a Special Operations trained killer.

He's a charismatic entrepreneur.

Living two lives is a dangerous game,

but someone has to pay for murdering his family.

WHISKEY & ROSES: Imagine James Bond meets Mitch Rapp.


"King sits alongside Rapp, Reacher, and Harvath as my favorite action-thriller heroes."- Janet Russell


The world knows him as a handsome, charismatic, and successful young businessman. The CIA knows Xander as the US military's most legendary soldier, turned vigilante assassin, who sharpens his skills in the shadows until he can exact revenge on the monster that murdered his family. They have watched his double life go on long enough, and now the government wants their weapon back.

Xander has different plans.

After a passionate night with Hollywood sweetheart, Natalie Rockwell, is violently interrupted by a surprise attack at Xander's home, those plans are set in motion. Xander's experts say it's suicide, but with the CIA closing in, he must sidestep them and take the fight directly to his rival. With unlimited resources and unimaginable skills, Xander's enemy will need an army to survive his wrath. Turns out, that's precisely what he has. This is no longer just about revenge, this is war.

Readers love this different twist on their favorite action-thriller genre, calling the series: "shocking", "refreshing", "heart-pounding fun!". And saying this about Xander: "he's a hero with swagger", "I love his willingness to do anything for his team", "Xander and Sam are action-thriller gold!".