VANQUISH (signed copy)

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VANQUISH (signed copy)

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VANQUISH is the second thriller in the bestselling Xander King series. For a limited time, you can get your copy personalized and signed by Bradley Wright.

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He got the wrong man.

He's being hunted by the right one.

Worlds collide when enemies meet,

but only one man can survive.

VANQUISH: Imagine James Bond meets Mitch Rapp.


" There are no words other than, HOLD ON!"- Terrill Carpenter


When former Special Operations legend, Xander King, moved his Vegas celebration to a yacht off the coast of the Virgin Islands, he was supposed to be taking some much needed time off. When he woke up in the hospital a week later, all he had time to do then...was run. It's bad enough that Russia's most feared assassin is after him. But it's the man who sent this deadly killer, and why he sent him, that has Xander desperately scrambling every resource at his disposal.

As if things aren't difficult enough, Xander has been forced to cooperate with the CIA, and mistrust begins to unravel his new team. With lies and betrayal burdening every decision, the pressure mounts to end the threat before the threat ends them. The pressure...Xander can handle. It's the shocking revelation of a jaw-dropping secret that finally brings him to his knees.

Injured, exhausted, and furious, with everything he has ever fought for now in question, the only thing left for him to do is fight. This time, however, Xander will have to overcome far more than just bullets if he hopes to vanquish this enemy.

The series has a combined 1000+ five star reviews, with readers raving about their new favorite action hero and his vigilante team. They love this different twist on their favorite action-thriller genre, calling the series: "shocking", "refreshing", "heart-pounding fun!". And saying this about Xander: "he's a hero with swagger", "I love his willingness to do anything for his team", "Xander and Sam are action-thriller gold!"".